Safety Helmet Gains International Prominence – Taiwanese Startup Receives US$3 Million Investment

Release Date: 2016/10/14

Emerging Taiwanese startup JARVISH collaborated with century-old Belgian safety helmet manufacturer LAZER to develop a smart safety helmet featuring full voice control, dynamic sensing, cloud smart analysis, integrated video recorder and high-fidelity, noise-cancelling headphone design. Crowdfunding started in July and within two short months, the company has accrued a combined capital of more than NT$50.7 million and received US$3 million investment from Acer, Vectr Ventures and Sanshin Electronics Co., Ltd.

Equipped with abundant experience, JARVISH has obtained support from cutting-edge companies in Taiwan such as Foxconn and Topkey in terms of patented optic systems, electronic modules and professional safety helmet assembly. As far as IoT is concerned, the company has utilized Microsoft’s cloud platform to synchronize data from the safety helmet with the cloud service via IoT. Consequently, the product received tremendous attention even before it was launched, and it also successfully attracted century-old European safety helmet manufacturer LAZER’s attention to forge a collaboration with JARVISH in Taiwan. Together, the two companies unveiled the world’s strongest safety helmet that also earned the title of “The lightest smart safety helmet in the world”.

In light of the recent cell phone battery explosion incidents raising a high level of awareness among domestic and foreign motorcyclists in regards to the specifications of batteries in consumer electronics, JARVISH has upgraded the Li-ion batteries supplied by Panasonic (featuring the best safety record) to FPC lithium ceramic batteries designed by Getac, a public battery manufacturing company in Taiwan in order to ensure the absolute safety of each rider. The FPC lithium ceramic batteries are manufactured to military specifications and they are not prone to explosions. According to JARVISH, online crowdfunding is now over and product shipments will begin in late October. By then, motorcyclists will be able to enjoy a more comfortable riding experience.