JARVISH Lazer / LAZER: The Oldest Brand of Sports Helmets in the World

Release Date: 2016/10/01

LAZER is the oldest brand of sports helmets in the world. Set-up as a family business in 1919 by Roger Lacroix, it started producing handcrafted leather reticles for motorcyclists. In 1930, the company began manufacturing rigid leather helmets; in 1948, production of the first aluminum helmet commenced; in 1955, the LAZER launched its first thermoplastic helmet; in the 1980s, it churned out bicycle helmets and other sports helmets; in the 1990s, the company started designing and producing the most complex modular helmet with integrated sun visor. LAZER has taken part in every stage of helmet design in history, bearing witness to the development of the world’s best helmets.

LAZER’s corporate spirit is “Protect Your Freedom”. Upholding the essence of traditional Belgian craftsmanship, LAZER’s philosophy is simple and pragmatic: We persist in safety, comfort and riding aesthetics to protect your freedom of riding.


This is precisely why we chose to work with LAZER instead of so many other world-class helmet manufacturers. Endowed with profound European traditional artisanship, LAZER has been dedicated in making the finest helmets, that’s why although there are plenty of well-known helmet labels on the market, none has the passion, dedication and experience of LAZER in helmet production.