For the first time, JARVISH is going overseas to represent Taiwan with their smart safety helmet in an innovation competition in Silicon Valley

Release Date: 2016/12/01

The Startup World Cup marks the first time that startup enterprises will be competing internationally. Champions were first chosen from 16 regions: Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, New York, India, Austria, Taiwan, China, Korea, Chile, the UK, the US (West Coast, East Coast, and New York), the Czech Republic, and Luxembourg. Next March, the Champions from each region will travel to Silicon Valley tocompete for the world championship, and $1 million US of prize money. The Taiwanese champion JARVISH drew the long stra, and will represent Taiwan by competing for the $1 million US prize in Silicon Valley.


On December 9, Taiwan’s regional competition was held in Taoyuan at the National Central University, where 10 teams out of over 100 engaged in fierce competition. Up to 300 entrepreneurs, investors, and future entrepreneurs, and members of the media were in attendance. Many famous entrepreneurs served as judges, including AppWorks creator Lin ZHichen, TXA Innovatice Accelerators CEO Xu Zhuxian, Planet Tech CEO Chen Qinggang and other professional judges. The chief executive for the organizers for the Startup World Cup, Fenox Venture CapitalAnis Uzzaman even flew to Taiwan in person to present the regional champion with their award.


The champion, JARVISH, is made up of former Foxconn leaders, as well as software development teams from Taiwan, Silicon Valley, and India, who developedthe world’s first mass-produced smart helmet JARVISH smart helmets are different from other smart helmets which only possess Bluetooth capabilities, in additional to the normal cellphone-Bluetooth connectivity for music and entertainment functions, JARVISH’s helmets also allow users to use voice control, make calls, record 2K HD video, record trips, and receive information about crashes from the black box. Additionally,there is a cloud calculator on the helmet casing,as well as an acceleration sensor, and more.This firsthelmet came to be via an evolution of continual software and service upgrades. This innovation has the potential to help future development of the Internet of Things, as well as smart cities. In additional to the initial Monaco Evo S smart safety helmet, other products and services will be introduced shortly.


Previously, JARVISH has received affirmation from both Kick2real and Pioneer Asia, and won silver for the society group at the Nuremberg Invention Exhibition in 2015. Now, JARVISH has also won a chance to compete at the Startup World Cup as the Taiwanese Champion, and is looking forward to competing in Silicon Valley next March, where they can work with other top notch startups, famous Silicon Valley companies, and Executive officers, and compete for the championship!